Cappus – The forgotten Dijon composer

His complete works for viol – Jean (Baptiste) Cappus 

Pièces de Viole – 1e livre de 1730

A box set (2 CDs) with full color photo booklet, downloading (FLAC ou MP3) or streaming

Box set CD = 2 CDs

Jonathan DUNFORD – Bass viola da gamba – Salomon – Paris 1741

Jérôme Chaboseau – bass viola da gamba

Pierre Trocellier/Françis Roudier – harpsichord

db05aa79-5c19-4bec-94a1-2139ae3970f3Jean (Baptiste) Cappus was born on the 6th of October 1689 an passed away on the 10th of March 1751 in Dijon, France. Ses pièces de viole de 1730 révèlent un violiste virtuose conscient de toutes les possibilités de l’instrument. His viola da gamba music shows that he indeed was a virtuoso who knew the viol’s possibilites intimately.  His use of double stops abondantly and his rapid shifts are some of the most demanding music technically for the viole da gambe. Cappus also is one of the only Masters of the viola da gamba to integrate all of Marais’ special symblos for bowing, ornaments and fingerings.

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